“Beauty starting from health”

Quality · Nature · Oriental · Humanism · Original · Care

Based on the craftsmanship to offer excellent quality cosmetics after being founded in 1998, Doori Cosmetics has set human health as the standard for true beauty and continuously worked on protecting such beauty based on oriental medicine that integrates the health of nature with humans. We have ceaselessly conducted studied and worked on cosmetic product research while thinking about the health of customers and to provide reliable products, and based on this, we will develop into a global company that spreads eastern beauty to the world.

Nothing is more accurate than Consumers’ criteria of evaluation and selection.

Ever since it was established in 1998, “DAENG GI MEO RI” has been evaluated as Korea’s No.1 herbal Product from several customers.

2010 ~ 2016

2010 Received Korea’s Best Brand Award for 7 consecutive years 

(iMBC / Donga Dot Com / Hankyung Dot Com)

2009 ~ 2016

Received Brand of the Year Award for 8 consecutive years

(Korea Consumers Forum)


2011 Awarded Korean Brand Grand Prize from the Minister of Knowledge Economy 

(Ministry of Knowledge Economy)


대한민국 윤리경영 대상 



Awarded “Hit Product” by Maeil Economic Newspaper 

Designated Top 1 % Value Brand of Korea

Awarded Trademark “GH (Goods of Health)” Placed No.1 Herbal Shampoo in consumer rating


Placed No.1 Best Brand by Korean consumers


Placed No.1 of market share of Shampoo & Rinse


Won the Best Brand Award in Word of Mouth Award